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Thomas Henke - Liquid Identities TV

from Dec 9th, 2008 until Jan 2nd, 2009

Thomas Henke - Liquid Identities TV Liquid Identities TV shows - with changing program - compositions from “Sarah’s Company“, “Liquid Home“ and “Broken Evidence“ (from the series “Liquid Identities“ 2003 - 2008) …Liquid Home, Sarah‘s Company and ...more


from Nov 14th, 2008 until Jan 31st, 2009

Marcelo Moscheta’s landscapes call upon essential and intense emotions which have been long dormant in our culture but perhaps are endangered today. They relate to the sense of the sublime, difficult if not impossible to behold in today´s world of fleeting ...more

Participating artists
Marcello Moscheta

YVES NETZHAMMER - The imprecise bodies

from Sep 9th, 2006 until Nov 11th, 2006

In our solo show „The imprecise bodies“ with the Swiss artist YVES NETZHAMMER show a new video installation as well as large-sized, graphic works which – in a novel way – are painted on pressboard panels and are situated free-standing in the space. ...more

Participating artists
Yves Netzhammer

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